Introducing Search – Made for You

At Site2Site we’re continually finding new ways to innovate and improve our platform based on our conversations with you and our experience in the industry. We just pushed our latest, most comprehensive update that includes a wide variety of features. We’ll focus on the first one today: Search.

Search basically allows you to enter any text you want and it will search for matches. It allows you to navigate our web platform much quicker, more efficiently, and generally a better experience.

How do we use it? It’s pretty simple. Just click search on the right hand side of the menu as shown below. A bar above will open up, and just type anything!


As you can see, it will pull up all matches to the text, just click and you are where you want to be. In addition, we remember previous searches for your convenience, so you can click “Search” and see your previous most common searches to avoid typing.

This and many more features are here. Try it out!

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