Introducing Subcontractors, Clients, and a Job Map

Site2Site has now introduced easy places to store, categorize and use your subcontractors, clients and added a job map to visualize where your jobs are on a map. Let’s quickly go through these features. First, where are they? If you pull out the menu on the website you’ll see a few new things. Besides search, you’ll see that we have placed the links for your profile, positions, subcontractors under people, and categories, clients, materials, receipts, and suppliers under jobs. First, let’s start with clients. When clicking on clients, you’ll see a list of all your clients, and the ability to create a new client. After you create a new client, you can add multiple contacts for the client, and add multiple jobs to quickly see the profitability of the jobs related to that client.

With Subcontractors, click on the link and you’ll be able to see a list of subcontractors, and add new ones to the list. You’ll be able to group by type of subcontractor (for example electrical vs. mechanical) or by name.

Lastly, one of coolest features we have released is the job map. On the job page, click on the icon that allows map view on the right hand side, and you’ll see a visual display of all your jobs on a map.

We’re working on something new though, and we’ll have a big announcement new for our latest additional feature! Stay Tuned!

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