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Let’s focus on something that we all don’t have enough of.


Usually when speaking to people in the construction industry the largest problem towards implementation of a system like Site2Site, is time. Clients need attention, walls need to be framed, machines need to be fixed, stuff needs to get done. Sure, it would be nice to implement a system like Site2site, but who has time for that?

Those are all legitimate thoughts. Let’s go through a few things how Site2Site makes it easier to get your employees started right away.¬†

Easily Create Users 

When you add a user we will automatically email them their account information. In addition to this we’ll send the links for the app download whether that be Android or iOS. This way, implementing in a company will be a lot easier. People will receive automatic notifications to download the app along with their credentials to login, allowing everyone to quickly start using Site2Site.

Easily Create Jobs

Creating jobs and tasks (cost codes) for your personnel in the field has never been easier. We allow you to just put in a job name, and an address. That’s it, a job is created. Does the job not have an address? Relax. Put in the GPS coordinates (which can be found easily on google) and you have a job to clock into. Tasks never have been easier. Create tasks by uploading a list into sit2site, and set default ones which will will be added every time a job is create. In a minute, you’ve created a job that can be clocked into, and track labour, material, equipment and everything else for.

Easily Create Schedules

Scheduling is crucial. Ensuring everyone in management knows who is going where, and the people in the field knowing where they are going. Luckily, Site2Site allows different scheduling views – by person, job or time. In addition, all you have to do is drag and drop. All personnel will get notifications if their schedule has changed, and be able to view their full schedule on their app.

As you can see, implementing site2site takes only minutes. Your first account to sign up is free. Then add users under “Settings”, “Subscriptions” for only 10 dollars a month annually, or month to month for $17. We promise you that the time you save will far outweigh the cost.

Sign up today at www.site2site.com for free. Just click “Sign Up” for free today.

Also, Site2Site will have a big announcement next week. We’ve added customized inspections, safety, documents, progress reporting and far more. Contact me at alex@site2site.com today to find out more, or schedule a demo at www.site2site.com.

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