Introducing Documents by Site2Site

In the next few newsletters we will be introducing the new features that have been added to site2site. One of these is documents. Basically, you can create a category of documents (such as “Safety”) and then add a new document whether that be a .pdf upload or type in a new document such as orientation policy or anything else. We then tell you useful statistics such as who has read the new document, and allow anyone (with permission to) add comments to the document. For example, to document that the President of the Company has read and reviewed a document, they simply need to comment that as such, and this will be time stamped and shown.

This is very useful for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) , a safety program which soon will be applicable to all contractors not just in Ontario, but in Canada. Already COR is implemented in Western Canada in provinces such as Alberta and Vancouver. For Europe and the United States, this is very useful for showing your company policies to the entire company so they have access to them at all times.

To access Documents, sign up at and email me at so I can enable it for your company. I guarantee, as a fellow contractor, this has saved us time and money in addition being very useful for compliance with regulations.

Sign up today at Stay tune for then next announcement of the new features – which will be huge.

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