TOP 5 Hazards in Construction

The other day I was looking through different articles related to Health and Safety, and one definitely caught my eye. TOP 10 Construction Hazards by IHSA. Intriguing… Are there some hazards which I don’t know? I decided to pick 5, the most common in my opinion, and take a closer look at them and find out how to protect employees from being affected.

Hazard # 1: Falls

Falls are the main hazard for construction workers. To protect them on site, ladders and scaffolds should meet safety standards and should be properly sized for the project requirements. Also ensure that work surfaces are stable, free from holes, and proper traction is provided. If employees are working more than 3 meters above another surface, they need to have fall protective equipment such as guardrails, fall arrest systems, safety nets, covers, and restraint systems. Provide workers with effective training and right PPE and safe work environment will be created.

Hazard # 2: Struck by Objects

Make sure that your site safety rules include clear vehicle routes and that employees know how to avoid positioning themselves between moving and fixed objects.

Hazard #3: Electrical Hazards

Before starting any work, locate and identify utilities. If your employees are using equipment, make sure they’ve located overhead power lines and are familiar with the minimum safe distance requirements.

Hazard #4: Caught-In-Between

Ensure that trenches have adequate safety measures and trench wall support.

Hazard #5: Hazardous Materials

To prevent exposure to hazardous substances, provide your employees with safety data sheets (SDS) for any hazardous substances being used at the construction site and provide them with the proper PPE including respiratory protection.

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