Introducing Certifications from Site2Site

Site2Site now has the capability to record all your employees certifications on their profile. This includes whatever certifications are applicable for the job they do, from WHMIS, to propane handling,

Introducing Documents by Site2Site

In the next few newsletters we will be introducing the new features that have been added to site2site. One of these is documents. Basically, you can create a category of

Let’s start right now.

Let’s focus on something that we all don’t have enough of. Time. Usually when speaking to people in the construction industry the largest problem towards implementation of a system like

Introducing Subcontractors, Clients, and a Job Map

Site2Site has now introduced easy places to store, categorize and use your subcontractors, clients and added a job map to visualize where your jobs are on a map. Let’s quickly

Introducing Search – Made for You

At Site2Site we’re continually finding new ways to innovate and improve our platform based on our conversations with you and our experience in the industry. We just pushed our latest,

Your Supervisors Job Notes – Done for You

Often, clients will ask for documentation to note job progress. This is typical of Project Managers, especially when conducting commercial, institutional or governmental work. However, during the course of a

Scheduling People by Job

  As always, Site2Site responds to customer requests. So we’ve added a new view of schedules. Site2Site has added a new view for the schedule, so people can see based

Managing Permissions with Site2Site

We’ve had a few questions about managing permissions with Site2Site lately. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to manage who can see what on the

How to Export Your Data from Site2Site

You asked for it, we did it. Site2Site has created a way for you to export your data out of Site2Site, so you can use that data for whatever purposes

Never Lose Documentation Again – It’s All In One Place

Often, when running a project we’ll save our receipts, purchase orders, ¬†concrete slips or whatever documentation in random places on our computer, a file we’ll never find and only accessible